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| Thu May 28 2020 | edited Fri Jul 03 2020

Notice: Kahoot no longer sends the kahoot name to the client, which means you need to give the quiz search term yourself.

What is this for?

I often get many repetitive questions on my discord server and I sometimes get tired of answering the same things over and over again. I also want to use this blog to share my frustrations with people who use Kahoot! for silly things.

If for some reason, this is your first time at kahoot-win, the main functionality of this website is to win in Kahoot! Unlike other Kahoot! bots, this website does not send hundreds of bots into a game but sends only one single bot that is meant to win the game.

You can search for blog posts in the upper right corner if you want. Happy winning!

What if I don't like Kahoot! bots?

If you happen to be a teacher or streamer who doesn't like bots, you can try Kahoot Antibot, but I don't guarantee that it will stop Kahoot Winner.

Wait, you created an antibot for Kahoot! and then created a bot?!


I have a question/suggestion.

If you have any concerns or feedback, please join the discord and discuss it there, thanks!

Why is it crashing?

Since this website is the most popular working site, it gets a lot of traffic. Due to this, the server eventually runs out of memory, causing the crash. I am continuing to work on this and trying to figure out how to keep the server online for as long as possible.

Is there a way to not get them all right... add a timeout... etc.

This can be explained in the discord's #faq or the tutorial. You can access the tutorial by pressing the tutorial button at the bottom of the 'about' section of the main page.


Bella - Belyou124


Fri Jan 22 2021
wqqqeq - i got a shit on ,on my teacher :)))


Thu Jan 21 2021
oliviah - iM tHe TAco MAn


Not this time Anime Batman!

Tue Jan 19 2021
cecilia - difficult

omg it was so difficult when I did not work I had to go to settings

Mon Jan 18 2021
your worst nightmare - Antibot go brr

haha you think you can stop kahootflood.weebly.com with your pesky little antibot *laughs for no reason*

Sat Jan 16 2021
ayham - ayham är best

ayham' är best

Wed Jan 13 2021
andrei iancu - super app.

this app is so awesome!i can create kahoots.

Tue Dec 15 2020
devil subject - it works

guys i works learn how to make it work

Thu Dec 10 2020
Hi - HI

Bro i go on the kahoot live streams and do this lamo'

Wed Dec 09 2020
poggers - okay wow

kinda sucks that you have to put in the quiz name, bc if you dont know the name it doesn't work

Tue Dec 08 2020
random - It's actually good.

none of these people understand how to use this. if you read the directions instead of ignoring them this bot works amazingly.

Mon Dec 07 2020
Lucas - What should I do for the settings

The bot is getting every question wrong and I am just asking what I should do to fix it and the best settings for a live game. | Owner Response: The default settings are fine. A new update was released, should fix some issues. Please see the tutorial for more info

Tue Dec 01 2020
es una mierda - me cago en tu puu madre

no va falla todas almenos acierta 1 de 100

Tue Dec 01 2020
Lara - I am warning you

Im just kidding i am a normal hacker...

Fri Nov 27 2020
Lara - I am warning you

I am a hacker i can hack you if you not putting this blog down! I have allready called the cop so bye bye...

Fri Nov 27 2020
op craft/hacker - oooooooooooooo

yo dis da best dis good

Wed Nov 18 2020
- 4bhi - - About

cool, but hard

Fri Nov 13 2020
Anonymous - ...

this is really good

Mon Nov 09 2020
Trint💪🇽🇰🇦🇱 - Algemeinwissen Geschichte

Algemeinwissen Geschichte

Fri Nov 06 2020
yessir - ayee.

yo i like coding too, but holy shit this be op doe. ill donate or somethin idk im lazy. but nice ui tho and nice shortcut for ctrl j to make it look like a normal kahoot. pretty op shit you made. i won 100 bucks since we were doing a 50 question quiz and whoever won got 100 bucks. all thanks to you. thanks buddy.

Sat Oct 31 2020
no - fille

i lik it

Thu Oct 29 2020
m1000 - overpowered

best shit to ever exist thanks homie

Fri Oct 16 2020
darjeeling tea - Teacher created kahoot

it might be asked already but if i were to do a teacher created one how would i get all the neccesary things in order for it to work?

Wed Oct 14 2020


Wed Oct 14 2020
curren - it wont load

i updated it in october 2020 and now it wont run

Mon Oct 12 2020
tyrone smith the money maker - amazing stuff

good stuff im having a lot of fun making dumb self look smarter than sweats in my class

Thu Oct 08 2020
MASON - hi

I am testing this just to see if this is just going to put my comment up there

Sun Oct 04 2020
kaitie - kahoot.it

this is AWESOME

Sat Oct 03 2020
good hack - good hack

lol i hacked my classes 12 question kahoot and i got 16500 lolololollol

Wed Sep 30 2020
Vee - How do i use the bot

How do i use this bot?

Mon Sep 21 2020
No-One - hecc

um the thing literally is not answering the questions right even when I have always correct on. Also its taking super long for it to go to the next question. Fix pls

Wed Sep 16 2020
Alexa - No funciona


Mon Aug 03 2020
:3 yooooo - marketing digital

que devo de poner en la parte de arriba? | Dev Response: The quiz name

Fri Jul 24 2020
aussie - shortcuts

can you tell me all the shortcuts eg ctrl j hides everything | Dev response: Just press the (?) buttons next to each setting

Wed Jul 22 2020
jonathan toro - pliz bro

hey bro porfa raliza una version de quizziz | Dev Response: Sorry, not happening yet

Tue Jul 21 2020
Rishi Soneji - the science of sleep

not hacking when live | Owner response: See the update notes at https://kahoot-win.herokuapp.com/blog/update-2-17-0

Fri Jul 03 2020
laura - pregunta

el que hace el juego y nos da el link puede ver si estamos utilizando un bot?

Thu Jul 02 2020
Pepe - Pepe

es una mierda, solo acierta con suerte la mitad, se supone que debe de acertar todas, super mal.

Thu Jul 02 2020
Sam - Kahoot Challenges without PIN code

My teacher now only sends kahoot challenge links and no pin code, is there a way to still use the page without a pind code? | Owner Response: Yes, just use the challenge URL as the pin!

Tue Jun 30 2020
Bec - m

Thanks for ruining what was a fun activity for students. Try and use your intelligence for things that make the world a better place. Maybe take an ethics course. | Owner Response: Sorry if this is ruining any classroom activities. You might want to look into Kahoot Antibot to block this?

Wed Jun 24 2020
bruh - it lit

my guy you are evil ( what the max points you can get per answers). THX you

Thu Jun 18 2020
Fabricio - internet

cuando lo vayan a ejecutar pongan que no a que le den permiso a sus redes domesticas porque te malogra la pc

Wed Jun 17 2020
Pablo - shit

this isn't working every question is failed

Wed Jun 17 2020
f - f

que confihguracion tengo queponr para tener todo bien?

Wed Jun 17 2020
**** - Oh shit

**** things these is a bully shit. ****, It do not show me the answer!

Tue Jun 16 2020
sonic - its cool

i like the thing that you can hide the settings and make it look like a normal kahoot

Mon Jun 15 2020
Cooper - Its not working

Hi im friends with the creator Sam but can you plz help bc it just keeps reconnecting

Wed Jun 10 2020
theusaf - Answering more questions

@adam re:Answers:There is a setting called "purposely fail" for this. @aNTHonySorry about that, its a memory issue and I am trying to fix it.

Wed Jun 10 2020
aNTHony - dont use it

this shit crash everytime

Wed Jun 10 2020
Sofcat - HI

Love this shittt

Tue Jun 09 2020
Adam - Answers

Is it any possible way to make it stop getting ALL the correct answers? to make it look more legit.

Tue Jun 09 2020
Bhar - How to win in kahoot

the bot is getting nearly all answers wrong. what am i doing incorrectly in the settings. I was practicing with just one player to check it

Tue Jun 09 2020
ur lover - thanks

ur a fucking beast

Mon Jun 08 2020
UrMum - UI

Please make the UI nicer

Sun Jun 07 2020
theusaf - re:hide

@cxts, You can do ctrl+j to make it look like Kahoot. It also automatically enables manual control and hide correct. Do ctrl+j again to disable hide correct and stop hiding the settings and stuff.

Fri Jun 05 2020
Orio - shit

this is a shit

Fri Jun 05 2020
cxts - hide

is there any way to hide the added stuff in menu ? to make it look like a legit kahoot?

Fri Jun 05 2020

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