Don't Use Kahoot as a Testing Tool

| Fri May 29 2020 | edited Fri May 29 2020

Kahoot! is great for lots of things.

As stated on their website, Kahoot! makes learning awesome! And I agree. It is awesome. The amazing songs, colorful artwork and competitive scoring gets the class and others engaged in the subject, excited to test their knowledge.

However, after gaining popularity for Kahoot bot use, I have come across some serious messages:

You're the reason I passed my class Thanks for helping me get A's on all my assignments... Tomorrow I have an exam and I think he's gonna create one [kahoot] I play a test because I have a test tomorrow

Messages stating that their teachers did exams and assignments through Kahoot!

Even though this happened while COVID-19 put everyone in quarantine, it still boggles my mind how Kahoot! was a popular resource for testing. Even online, there are many comments speaking of teachers saying that the game is for points. (Even my teacher has done that once.)

Why Kahoot! is not a testing resource.

In a classroom, people learn differently. Some can quickly memorize and remember, but some may learn in other ways or differently. Sometimes, multiple choice questions are not the best form of testing knowledge, but if you have a premium account (or use this website), you can use open ended questions, allowing for text-based answers.

Still, forcing students to answer withing a set amount of time is not fair. Some students can't see the screen and as stated before, aren't as good at quickly reading a question and remembering information.

Of course, there is also this tool (and others like it), which almost guarantees the user to win if the quiz is a public game.

What about a homework tool?

This is even worse. Even without Kahoot Winner, the players have access to the title of the Kahoot. They could just search it up on Kahoot. The smarter ones might even notice that all the data is sent over to the client, containing all the questions and answers to the quiz. With Kahoot Winner, players are guaranteed to get 100% full credit without doing anything. They can even mess up on purpose, and still get full points.

If you want to use something online as a homework or exam tool, use something like Google Forms at least, but Kahoot has its risks and disadvantages of being very easy to cheat in. Of course, if the assignment is not very important, feel free to use Kahoot! as a homework or testing tool.


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Anthony Walls - Bring it back

I was trolling my students with this bring it back.

Mon Mar 08 2021
Leo speed - to leo

i love this

Sat Mar 06 2021
شیطان - becouse

i want

Fri Mar 05 2021
Elyas - R I P


Thu Mar 04 2021
Marvin - win

i like it

Thu Mar 04 2021
Yes - Pls bring it back

Please bring kahoot back I wanna prank my friends and name myself imagine losing as a joke

Thu Mar 04 2021
Anony - Suggestion

Can't you create another page similar to kahoot winner?

Tue Mar 02 2021

I WAS TROLLING MY FRIENDS AT HOME WITH THIS! + it was funny to use. Please make another one but change the name and add a disclaimer 0/10 until its back then 10/10

Mon Mar 01 2021
luis - pls bring back

we only want to use this for fun pls bring it back

Mon Mar 01 2021
Zaro - Bring back kahoot winner

pls this is just a way for me to use while doing a little class game its not used for tests or anything

Sun Feb 28 2021
bryan - brayan

Why tf would YouTube do this???!!!! BRING IT BACK

Fri Feb 26 2021
Fart - Never used it in test.

Can you bring it back Big please??

Fri Feb 26 2021
a - oof

i used winner for fun

Fri Feb 26 2021
K<3 - :(

why tf did yall take it down make another wit a a different name

Fri Feb 26 2021
me - this is some bull

**** what kahoot thinks we need this dammit.

Thu Feb 25 2021
Hi - Good reason

I understand this got taken down for a reason and I see people on the reviews angry it got taken down and telling you to bring it back. For the people that are angry, you know cheating is bad, it can get you into bad consequences and it can prevent you from getting anywhere in the future like college. Telling him to bring it back up won't do anything because if he does, he can get sued by Kahoot.

Thu Feb 25 2021
ga - whyy

this is total BS bring it back pls

Thu Feb 25 2021
jjjj - my

why just bring it back

Thu Feb 25 2021
carlos - no

no puedo jugar

Thu Feb 25 2021
Jeodld - I don't play kahoot win

I don't play kahoot win

Thu Feb 25 2021
Elle - NOOOOOO 😡

Why tf would YouTube do this???!!!! BRING IT BACK

Wed Feb 24 2021
sad - im sad

why u did this to me -from sad

Wed Feb 24 2021
the goat - why

just just something else this trash

Tue Feb 23 2021
Victoria Jaramillo - **** bring it back


Tue Feb 23 2021
Materchod - Why


Tue Feb 23 2021
Teacher - Thank You!

As a teacher I hate this bot tysm idiot

Tue Feb 23 2021
Hayley - you are a shmock

you are soooooo stupid why did you remove it we used to use it to learn science shows people learn better with answers

Mon Feb 22 2021
no - what is the title

i hate studying

Sun Feb 21 2021


Fri Feb 19 2021
Shineee - Oop

I use this to troll my class now they think someone hacked their kahoot bc some random person joined and got all the answers right, I am so sad that kahoot winner is no longer but thanks for the fun though!

Fri Feb 19 2021
Sergio Torres - Nooooooo

Ayuda me kahooot winer

Fri Feb 19 2021
e - .

i use it just for fun

Fri Feb 19 2021
Crafter - It works

Its the first tool that works on phone and pc for me.

Wed Feb 17 2021

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