RIP Kahoot Winner Mortem

February 6, 2019 - February 18, 2021

Thanks for using Kahoot Winner! However, this service has been taken down in request from Kahoot!

sad What should I do now?

If you happened to be using Kahoot Winner to cheat in class exams or homework, here is some advice:

Try studying and reviewing information your learn in class. School is supposed to help you learn new things. If you cheat on your studies, you won't learn the content as well. In the long run, this will likely hurt you. It may be hard, but the effort may be worthwhile.

Otherwise, I am sorry, but this website will no longer work for you.

Why did this get taken down?

Kahoot Winner and other projects like this have always violated Kahoot!'s terms of service. Automated access to Kahoot! is not allowed. Especially during this time, where many are studying remotely, Kahoot! is used for all kinds of things, such as extra credit, homework, and exams...

As a result, the usage of this website rose quickly and was detected by Kahoot! Since this tool has a major impact on Kahoot!'s customers, it makes sense that they would take action quickly. They sent me a message asking me to take my projects down, which I complied with. I had originally designed this project for fun (winning that sweet extra credit). While I am a bit sad about it, I believe this was for the best for me and for others. I have learnt a lot during this time and plan to use what I have learnt for more helpful projects in the future.

What's going to happen to this website?

I'll still use this website for posting random blogs and other stuff, but Kahoot! related services will be removed.